Sometimes at some stage of life we are under emotional pressure and don’t want to lose that someone special from our life. This situation makes us do wrong things in life. The codependent relationship is the beginning where in you are under the control of the manipulator to fulfill their thirst for addiction.

There are many solutions that are discovered to treat the manipulator behavior. Substance abuse may harm their life so it is better to take some strict steps initially for the betterment of future.

There are many professional companies that help your loved ones to recover from addiction. For this you must find out about the problem. If you are enabling them to do so then you must stop enabling behavior immediately to resist further life risks.

There are many companies that provide family intervention services so that you can make them confess about the addiction and send them to proper place to get treated.

Signs if you are An Enabler


  • Money is very important for an addict and if you are helping someone with money then you are enabling them towards addiction. It is possible that you may not have any idea of their addiction but sometimes you have to enquire about the money you give them. The financial support gives them more strength to become an addict.
  • If you are giving a manipulator proper shelter, they may get more addicted and they will not give themselves a chance to recover from the effects of substance abuse that is very risky.
  • If you are under their control and giving them proper emotional support then they won’t listen anything regarding what is wrong or right. You should be strict while dealing with the addicted person.

These are some of the points about the signs that you are enabling addiction.