Nails are the oval sheath of hardened keratin that covers the fingers of hands and toes.  They are most prone to injury by getting hurt by ill-fitted shoes and being crushed by doors and windowpanes.   Often it gets injured as it is the last part of our body which gets out of harm’s way that leads to increased chances of injuries to it. These injuries on nails can lead to temporary or permanent damage to it and must be avoided to prevent a painful experience.

Nail bed that supports the nail

The nail bed is the most important part of our nail. It is the protective layer between the phalanx and the hard keratin curved sheath above.  The nail bed has blood vessels that are protected by the harder keratin covering. Keratin the material that the nails are made of is the most hardened substance present in our body.  The only other naturally synthesised substance harder is the chitin which makes the protective exoskeletons of crustaceans like crabs and lobsters. In fact, the presence of keratin protects our digits from the harm’s way. In most cases we see that on getting exposed to a lot of pressure (like getting our finger crushed or cut) do we see deformities in the nail. Nail bed injuries are a result of trauma on the fingertip and can lead to the subungual hematoma, nail bed laceration and avulsion. In such cases, the use of nail growth product to strengthen nails can be an easier way to regain healthy nails to increase the time of the recovery process.

Nail injuries

Nail injuries are the most common form of injuries that is encountered by the digits as it is the most common way of interacting with our surrounding.  In our normal daily life, it does not lead to any harm. When nails encounter extreme trauma does it lead to pain and eventually lead to either breakage of nails or complete recovery.  In most cases, we see white spots on the nails which are due to injury. These kinds of injuries can be easily recovered from and do not need extra care. Though it normally takes weeks or months to get back the healthier nail but is less painful.  In more severe cases it can lead to red or brown lines due to haemorrhage as a result of the injury. Grooves or lines on the nail occur called Beau lines occur on nails which normally recovers as the nail elongates. In extreme cases, the nail can turn brown or purple and is known as a subungual hematoma. These are the most extreme form of injury and are the most painful form.

Care of nails

The health of our nails also depends on our diet. In most cases, healthy nails reflect the general strength of our body. In such cases, people having brittle, fragile nails may face an inconvenience.  To help them recover from these problems many nail growth product to strengthen nails are present in the market. Most of these products recommend the use of the product directly on the nail regularly for months to have a faster effect.  Care of fingernails and harder toenails should be done to avoid injuries.