Extraction of wisdom tooth isn’t always a pleasant experience for patients. And what happens after wisdom tooth removal in Sydney isn’t easy either. Once wisdom tooth extraction is done, significant time has to spend for recovery. The recovery period shall be associated with pains, swelling or infections. But, don’t worry! With just a few simple tips that are mentioned below, you can make the recovery process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Read on to know more:

Use Essential Oils:

Did you know that certain essential oils can help make the recovery process faster? Placing gauze packs over the incision sites for at least 45 minutes to one hour after surgery can definitely help. Make sure to use fresh, sterile gauze for the same. Using certain essential oils can reduce swelling, inflammation and pain at the same time.

Ice packs and Warm Packs:

Another alternative to essential oils are ice packs or hot compress, which are mostly offered by dentists.  For a few days, using cold pack can help lessen discomfort and swelling. Heat therapy in the following days will also certainly help.

Treating the Conditions of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney:


There might be some bleeding during the initial 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal, but don’t panic! You will be provided with extra gauze to deal with it. Make this gauze into a ball, bite on it with mild pressure. This will stop bleeding within an hour. Be informed that bleeding during the initial 24 hours is normal. Applying good pressure also offers other benefits – blood clot will have higher density, gums attach to the socket & swelling is reduced.


Swelling can be minimised by applying ice packs, as mentioned earlier. Apply ice packs during the initial two days, and use warm compress the following day. Ice packs are to be applied for about 15 minutes. Warm compress is suggested to increase blood circulation. Apply these cold and warm compresses on the cheeks, close to the surgical site.


Pain is quite common after the procedure. Follow your doctor’s prescription after the procedure, to keep pain under control. Ibuprofen is a recommended medication that can bring pain relief.  Rather than relying upon a single medication, combining two different pain medications can be more effective.

Rinsing & Brushing:

When brushing, do it gently. Keeping your mouth clean at all times is important to aid in healing. Follow the proper brushing and rinsing instructions provided by your dentist. If there’s food or debris collected in the socket, make sure you gently take it out with the toothbrush. Never use rinses for the first 72 hours after the procedure.

Apart from the above tips, be mindful about your diet as well. Stick with soft food diet such as cooked vegetables, protein drinks, scrambled eggs, fish and similar ones that are easy to chew and good for your body. Consult with your dental professional specialised in cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney for any queries such as wisdom teeth removal cost or any other assistance for the same.