Having a pregnancy massage is good for your physical and mental well-being throughout the pregnancy. Pregnancy can greatly affect your posture, constrict your lower back and pressurise your legs and feet. Above all, it exhausts you to the core. Thus, it is advised to have successive massages until the end of your pregnancy. Here are the reasons to consider having pregnancy massage in Perth,

  • Enhances blood circulation

Massage improves the circulation of blood and this means providing more oxygen and nutrients to both the mother and the fetal cells. Thus, it aids in strengthening your unborn baby’s health. It also helps to reduce the chance of the formation of varicose veins.

  • Offers relaxation

Pregnancy massage in Perth promotes the release of endorphins, which makes you and child peaceful and calm. Thus, you would be able to have good sleep, better functioning digestive system and proper immune system.

  • Expulses waste from the body

In Perth, pregnancy massage helps in the process of eliminating waste products through the circulatory and lymphatic system. This removal of waste would energise you.

  • Reduces blood pressure

It is important to control your blood pressure throughout the pregnancy. A proper massage would improve blood circulation and reduce the load on your heart. Thus, you can keep your blood control on track.

  • Reduces muscle cramps

Pregnant women typically experiences muscular tightening, stiffness, knots and constriction. Massage would improve the flexibility of muscles and can ease such discomforts.

  • Restricts hormonal imbalance

Expectant mothers are often depressed due to the change in their hormones and their scepticism about parenting. When you have a massage, it would reduce the level of stress inducing hormones and brings hormonal balance.

  • Helps to maintain your posture

As your pregnancy progresses, there will be a great change in your posture and alignment. This would result in muscle spasms and strain. But you can maintain the right posture by having massage. It can also relieve headache and sinus congestion.

  • Reduction of edema

Excessive water build-up during the pregnancy can result in lower leg edema and swollen ankles. In Perth, pregnancy massage therapy would encourage lymphatic drainage, thus the excessive water is processed effectively by the tissues.

  • Relieving the stress on weight-bearing joints

As your baby grows, your hip, shoulders, legs, feet and neck would be more pressurised. The circulatory effect of the massage would decrease this stress on the weight-bearing joints.

  • Post pregnancy

Massage can also be helpful for a quicker recovery after the birth of your baby by stimulating structural realignment, reinstating abdominal integrity and restoring your strength.

Thus, fix an appointment with a therapist and have a smooth sailing pregnancy.