CBD Oil has gained much attention in recent years as people came to know the positive medical benefits like anti inflammatory and pain relieving qualities, muscle spasms and anxiety relief. CBD oil is extracted from the plant of CBD using variety of solvents. CBD oil has also demonstrated several other health benefits like nutritional anti oxidant and neuro protector.

  • Smoking – For highest intensity medication, the oil can be applied to an oil rig. Oil rig is another device just like traditional water pipe or bong which uses heated element like titanium or quartz to raise CBD to its critical temperature. The oil gets vaporized and can be inhaled in larger concentrations. High CBD Hash oil can also be used in vaporizer pen. This is the fastest acting method of medication and doses can be easily managed by the user but sometimes smoking may lead to agitation causing heavy coughing.Image result for Top Ways to Use CBD Oil
  • Edibles – CBD oil can be consumed orally through baked or raw food stuffs. Raw intake is not advisable as it may not produce the desired effects. So, CBD oil must be activated before consumption. One must decarb the oil by baking it. The CBD Hash oil can also be combined with specific amount of coconut oil or brownies can be made for consumption. Edibles ensure longest duration medicinal effects than any other means. Hundreds of recipes are available for CBD oil intake.
  • Tincture – CBD oil can be taken orally via eyedropper of infused liquid which is also known as tincture. This tincture should be kept under the tongue area for 30 minutes for maximum absorption then be swallowed. Using this method, the effect is long lasting. Tincture can be made strong or weak according to the preference of the user.
  • Topical – Cannabinoids of CBD oils have proved to be beneficial in many skin conditions, arthritis, nerve pain and cancer. This cannabinoid can be extracted by activating the oil by heating it for 30 minutes on the stove. This method does not allow any inflammation on skin of the user and human skin absorbs almost 90% of what it comes in contact. The symptoms like internal pain may not be reduced by topical use.

The best thing about using CBD oil is it does not make users high as it attaches to the receptors associated with inflammation not to receptors associated with euphoria. It is important to purchase CBD oil only from reputed stores like www.cbdoilonline.co.uk to make sure they are natural.