If you find it affordable to be able to pay you a personal trainer to help you either start your exercise program or move to an advanced level of training, you should not hesitate to do so. Personal Trainer Downtown Toronto can avoid many mistakes and headaches when training, so the money invested will be well spent saving you months of wrong or poorly performed activities and even injuries.

However, it must be borne in mind that today many people advertise themselves claiming to have extensive knowledge in the matter. How do you know if the coach you are speaking with meets the requirements to be the right choice? We suggest that you follow the following tips:

1) Make sure your coach has some type of certification or qualification

We know that roles are not everything, but when it comes to deciding, the experience and knowledge that provide a methodical study of the art of exercise are fundamental so that the person in question not only possesses the necessary knowledge but is able to transmit it to you.

2) make sure you get good references

If your future coach is a person who is having a hard time taking new clients due to lack of available time, it is a good sign: it means that many people want to be supervised by him or her. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to ask for references about your work with individuals or companies.

Satisfied or disgruntled customers may tip the balance of your decision in your favor or against you.

3) make sure you understand your goals and deadlines: get yourself heard

Your coach should be able to adapt your knowledge to the level you are working on, never the other way around. If you are an absolute beginner who has never seen a dumbbell, you should be able to explain the steps to begin to begin an exercise program and negotiate realistic goals and deadlines; Distrust those who promise that you will become an Olympic champion in a year without effort and eating everything you desire.

Also, if your level is intermediate or advanced, or you are training for some competition, you should also be able to guide you towards more complex goals.

4) Ask for a demonstration class

Often the price of the personal training class is lower if a package is contracted for a certain number of classes (for example, twice a week or eight a month) and paid in advance. A good way to check if your coach’s style is what you are looking for is by requesting a demonstration class (some coaches offer it free of charge, others do not) in which to clear your last doubts.

5) The final decision: communication

No use if your coach is an expert in the matter but your deal is too close or too far for your taste, or if there are problems of personal or communication chemistry. The relationship with your personal trainer does not have to be friendly, but during the next few months will be an important person in your life that you will see regularly and you will trust in part your health and your physical appearance. It is essential that there is harmony in the relationship, as well as a fluid communication and the possibility of adapting to the challenges involved in the growing difficulty of training in a gym.