Liquid steroids are designed for kids, who find it hard to swallow pills or capsules orally. Bodybuilders make use of anabolic steroid injections available in the liquid form.

Liquid oral steroids

Liquid oral steroids are used to treat a variety of illnesses like specific auto immune disease, asthma, severe sinus infections, allergies and croup. Liquid oral prescribed steroids are best alternative for people finding it hard to swallow capsules.

Liquid oral steroids are bitter in taste and due to this youngster’s revolt in taking oral suspension. To mask the bitter taste, flavors, sweeteners, and agents can be added to the oral suspensions. The liquid oral steroids are made more palatable for kids, but it adds to the medication cost.

Side effects of oral liquid steroid

Even the prescribed oral liquid option comes with side effects. Children are more susceptible to

  • Yeast infection – Adults can handle the symptoms because high steroid dosage is prescribed in comparison.
  • Delayed growth – Long term use can delay or hinder the growth in children.
  • Adrenal suppression – Synthetic steroids decrease your adrenals ability to produce its own steroids, thus resulting in variety of health problems.
  • Thinning bones – Steroid use regularly is capable to cause thinning of bones and osteoporosis.
  • Other side effects
  • Mild irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight gain
  • Hoarseness
  • Mild pain

In many cases, positive effects of using liquid steroid outweigh possible adverse effects for example asthma.

Injectable liquid steroids

Testosterone liquid is injected for improving athletic performance. Both injectable and oral forms are available, but the former is most preferred to obtain lean muscle gain and defined physique.

Side effects of anabolic injectable liquid steroids

The side effects differ greatly and rely on individual response, dosage size, and specific steroid used. Common side effects related to oral anabolic steroids is liver toxicity, but with injectable form this is eliminated. However, some potential side effects persist, but still body builders select to use liquid injectable performance enhancer steroids.

Steroids are illegal in several countries, but you can buy them from online pharmacies. Due to prohibited environment coupled with high demand many unethical manufacturers produce steroids under poor standards using low-quality ingredients and sell cheaply.

Useful tips

Buying steroids using credit card is insecure, but using PayPal personal account is much safe. Make sure that the distributor provides discreet shipping feature to eliminate any issues, while ordering.

However, professional athletes need to be serious about performance enhancing drug usage because it is a crucial career decision.