Communication processes are very pivotal in the aspect of creating a healthy working environment inside the organization to provide services with efficiency. The communicational skill of the service provider has to be enhanced and intensified to make them able enough to foster effective dialogue process with the customers to get a more relevant idea about their preferences. The communication process is of many types as verbal and nonverbal that can be adopted by the employees. Proper grip of the communicational skills helps the employees to avoid unwanted circumstances due to misunderstanding. On the other hand, for Canadians and Americans, specific communication techniques should be developed to make sure that clients in these areas can be retained.

The importance of verbal communication in a steroid manufacturing company

Verbal communication is the most enthralling process of communicating by using words to ventilate the thoughts. This verbal communication can also be segmented into two different genres that must be accounted by the training managers of the drug manufacturing companies to give subsequent lessons to the staffs to expertise these traits to overcome communication problems. There are separate communication techniques for Canadians and Americans in ensuring that they are pleased with the services of the drug company. The verbatim are expressed in order to convey the thought and response of the mind, this idea must be informed to employees to enable them to understand the importance and effectiveness of verbal communication.


Written communication and its overwhelming importance in a drug manufacturing company

Writing communication includes the medium of making conversation through letters and internet mails and text messages. Anything incorporated with writing as a medium of communication is very important to be assumed as important writing communication traits for addressing the customer aspirations.

In drug manufacturing companies industry, written communication is predominantly performed by leaflets, brochures, memos and notices to acknowledge both the customers and employees about organizational activities. In order to be proficient in written communication, the employees must be attentive towards the use of vocabulary and grammar. The writing style of the written documents has to be clear enough to be understood precisely.

Nonverbal Communication and its effect on the employees

Nonverbal communication is a complex form of communicating to each other as it cannot serve as an accurate method to interact with strangers as customers. Still, the wordless messages can be very effective for the employees to communicate among themselves to procure a team working for the betterment of customer services in the hospitality service provision of the hotel. Facial expression and meaningful body language is very important mediums of nonverbal communication process. Distinctive expressions and emotions can be effective enough to express the feelings. But, this technique is less effective in the conversation process with the customers. Paralanguage is also a stressful genre of communication skills as the employees can procure effective collaborative working through aesthetic communication process. The very appearance can be meaningful for considering as an exclusive paralanguage communicating with the customers in order to provide enhanced quality of service.