Erectile dysfunction is often reversible and usually everything comes back pretty quickly in order with these simple tips:

Do not dramatize: These problems are common and a solution is found in the majority of cases. It does not focus on the situation because anxiety can make the problem worse. It is necessary to consult if the troubles persist. With the bluechew review you can find the best solution now.


Improve your lifestyle:

  • Have a balanced diet by limiting the consumption of fat, salty, sweet products.
  • Have regular physical activity.
  • No alcohol abuse, as it can disrupt erection for several hours and chronic alcoholism can damage the nerves and then be responsible for persistent erection problems.
  • No tobacco because it can clog the arteries of the penis. Stopping smoking is sometimes enough to solve erection problems.
  • Lose weight in case of obesity and overweight.

These simple measures also help to lower cholesterol levels and are particularly indicated in cases of diabetes or high blood pressure.

Finally, specialized consultations and couples’ therapies are also recommended as preventive measures but also associated with treatment. So that erectile dysfunction is not inevitable, do not hesitate to approach the subject with a health professional with whom you will feel at ease: doctor or pharmacist who will then advise you and guide you. If the causes of erectile dysfunction are often multiple and interdependent, solutions exist.

Erection troubles: what is it?

During an erection, the penis becomes rigid because it fills with blood. Indeed, under the effect of stimulation, the muscles of the base of the penis relax and let the blood enter what is called the cavernous body, they are two cylinders that run the entire length of the penis. These cavernous bodies are formed of a flexible but very strong shell allowing them to stand up and become very rigid, it is the erection.

But unfortunately, many causes can stop this mechanism. This is called erectile dysfunction, the definition of which is a lasting decrease in the quality of erections, that is to say, an inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficient to have a satisfactory sexual relationship. However, even in cases of erectile dysfunction, it is possible to feel desire, to have an orgasm and to ejaculate. We talk about erection problems only:

  • When erection problems last for more than 3 months.
  • When they repeat each sex.

Indeed, it is necessary to differentiate these disorders from a possible temporary breakdown: this phenomenon being quite commonplace, it must not be considered as a disorder.

  • Erection problems can occur at any age, but they are much more common from 50 years old. More than 3 million men in France suffer from an erection problem with 1 to 9% of people between 18 and 39 years, up to 30% from 40 to 59 years, 40% from 60 to 69 years and 50 to 75% of people over 70 years old. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is also more common among smokers, people who drink alcohol and / or overweight people.

The management of these disorders, is very insufficient. While it may be intimidating to address this issue during a consultation, physicians are used to discussing this topic, with erectile dysfunction being a very common reason for consultation.