Whether you love it or hate it, winter is a quiet time of the year for most. although it might not conjure up images of glamour and good looks, this is precisely why it’s such a good time to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Looking ahead by preparing for summer in winter can mean that any body contouring procedures you’re considering will be completely healed and ready to show off once the warm weather starts slowly creeping back. There are lots of reasons why winter is a great time to get cosmetic procedures, and in this article we list a few of them to give you more incentive to start preparing for the beach!

Staying warm while recovering

Whether you’re looking to get a tummy tuck or breast reduction in Sydney, there are many reasons why winter is the best time to go under the knife. One of the best reasons to undergo body contouring in winter is simply because the season provides much more opportunity for recovery time. With far fewer events on in Australia during the winter months than summer – considering Christmas, New Years and all of the time off work – the slow months of winter can mean you get the chance to take it much slower than you otherwise would – which is crucial to the entire recovery process. Winter is also ideal for recovery due to the frequent need for compression garments needing to be worn after a cosmetic procedure. These garments are far from pleasant to wear in the hot months of summer, where they attract gobs of sweat and unpleasant rashes, but in the winter, they provide a pleasurable addition of warmth, which helps patients forget that they’re even wearing them for recovery purposes! As these compression garments are worn to minimise swelling, it can be considered even more beneficial that the cool days of winter will naturally also help minimise the swelling, aiding in the overall recovery process.

Make recovery look better than ever

One of the other distinct advantages of recovering during winter is being afforded the opportunity of wearing clothes that are far more suited to covering up any signs that you ever had a procedure in the first place! Thick cable jumpers and big coats can easily help hide any signs of a body contouring procedure, such as bruising and healing incisions. Recovery can often take several weeks to several months, so being able to cover up these unsightly marks can mean you emerge from winter into summer looking like a million bucks. It’s also the case that these incisions heal much better when not exposed to sunlight, so covering them up during the winter can ensure they are given the opportunity to properly fade. With all this done, you’ll be able to look great during winter and when summer rolls around, you’ll be able to show off your prepared body in a bikini – which is likely one of the big reasons you underwent a body contouring process in the first place!

Every season is the right season

While being able to do the big reveal in summer is absolutely a pleasure, don’t feel too pressured to only have a procedure done in winter – sometimes this time of year simply doesn’t suit, so if this is indeed the case it’s a good idea to really work out when you have the time to dedicate to proper recovery.