Ultimatums are a subject that has been under a lot of debate many times on whether they are successful or not recently realized a Drug Rehab Rockford patient.  They are used regarding many different subjects in different kinds of relationships, such as marriages, children, siblings, employees, and others.  They have arisen in the realm of substance abuse many times.  Some will say to never give an ultimatum, and that they are never successful, but some have seen success in getting an individual into treatment using an ultimatum.  Sometimes, if done the correct way, this can be the tipping point for the addict to finally go get the treatment that they need.  Individuals dealing with loved ones who are using drugs or alcohol in Rockford, Illinois are wondering whether they should use an ultimatum to get them to get help or stop using.

Delivering an Ultimatum

Though they are successful in some cases, they have also had consequential effects.  It could cause an individual to rebel against the person giving the ultimatum or to correct their behavior for a short time to make the appearance of change explains care takers at Drug Rehabilitation Rockford.  This then allows them to revert back to their previous behavior once the person sees that they changed for a short time at least.  There are general guidelines for giving an ultimatum that can be used.

There can be some degree of success with ultimatums, but it depends upon multiple factors.  Ultimatums must be based upon a personal conviction of yours, and what your personal limitations are, rather than purely on the addict needing to change.  It should properly be communicated this way as well, rather than a “You need to stop doing drugs or I will leave you.”  If it were that simple, they would not still be using.  The way it is communicated is a very critical part of whether it will have any success or not.  It can be something that you and the individual sit down and you let them know of the ultimatum, rather than it coming out in an argument or yelling.  It is important to know when to give an ultimatum.

Another important element of giving an ultimatum is the conviction to it.  If one of these is given, it is important to follow through if the addict does not change their behavior.  If the ultimatum is not followed through, the person will learn they are empty threats and continue the behavior.  They will feel nothing will truly happen in regards to consequences, so there is no reason to change.  Remember to stick to your guns if you give this type of an ultimatum to an individual struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

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